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Assistant Rabbi Rene Jaco

Rene Oswaldo and Ana JacoMeAnacopy

We are happily married for 30 plus years, we have two children, a boy and a girl. We love to serve the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. We love the fact that our Creator had a Divine plan from the beginning of all times, that through His only begotten Son, Yeshua our Messiah we can find Salvation, we embraced His promises, and we also love His Holy Scriptures from Genesis to Revelation; and the community of believers of the awesome Congregation Beth Adonai. Born and raised in El Salvador in the 60s. Moved to USA in the 90s, lived in NY, and then moved to Georgia in 2006.

Even though our lifestyles were religiously different when we met in the 70s, and also our beliefs were different, we always kept the flame of our Lord Yeshua in our hearts, and despite the fact that we were in the midst of many dangers, since the country of our origin had a civil war in the 80s. And despite having been in very difficult family situations for too long, finally we were able to establish a strong relashionship with the help of our Almighty Lord. Since we committed our lives to His service our lives changed drastically, and never been the same.

During these 30 plus years of marriage, and most important, more than 20 years of being Yeshua’s believers [between Christianity and Messianic Movement], the Lord helped us to walk in faith as a couple. Maintaining His presence in our marriage, and serving His Kingdom, had been the key of a successful spiritual life. We are so thankful with the many miracles the Lord keeps performing in our lives. And it is because of His Grace, Love and Kindness that we are able to help many families and individuals to get stronger in their faith and spiritual walking as Messianic believers.

In the year 2000, we joined Shuvah Yisrael, a Messianic Jewish Synagogue in Plainview, New York, where we found a community that embraced us, taught us about the roots of our faith, and finally helped us understand the real Yeshua as the Jewish Messiah, and Savior of all the nations of the world. I also served as the translator / interpreter of the Hispanic members of that awesome community.

When we moved to Georgia in 2006, we joined Congregation Beth Adonai the same year. Served as the Liaison of the Hispanic Ministry and the translator / interpreter of the congregation. I taught on a radio show for about a year [Radio Luz 1190AM in Atlanta, Radio Luz was the Spanish version of Christian radio Faith Talk 970AM in Atlanta as well, and the show was named, La Hora Mesiánica, Spanish for The Messianic Hour]. Eventually I also served as the Leader of the Hispanic Ministry of this congregation.

Currently, I am the Assistant Rabbi at CBA. Ana serves as an intercessor. We share the same vision of sharing the Good News of Salvation to the Nations. We believe the Torah and the message of Salvation is for Jews and Gentiles alike and, and we also believe that, as they did in the First Century Community of believers, it is possible today that Jew and Gentile can worship together the Lord of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, and His only Son Yeshua HaMashiach, with the guide and the empower of the Ruach Hakodesh.

We enjoy the Messiah’s community. We are committed to God, family, work and congregation; we are Children of the Living God, justified by the precious blood of Yeshua our Messiah.

My Favorite Bible verse is Romans 1:16. Ana’s favorite Bible passage is Psalm 91.


Kenneth and June HuffHuffs

Kenneth D. Huff was born in Macon, Georgia and educated through the Bibb Co. Public School system. He became a believer at the age of eight. At the age of 15, he began to recognize a “calling into ministry.” It was not until he completed his B.S in Psychology from Morris Brown College and met his wife June that he accepted his “call into ministry.” Both of them were licensed and ordained in 2000. The following year he became a pastor. As a pastor, he was preparing a weekly message from Leviticus 23 when he discovered he needed to seek and understand the “root of his faith.” During his search, he was lead to Congregation Beth Adonai. In 2008, he and his family became members of Congregation Beth Adonai. He served as Usher Leader, Men Group, Security Team, Crown’s Financial Ministry Leader, Torah Leader, and on Leadership Team. In 2015, he was ordained by Rabbi Scott as he purses his Master in Divinity at Mercer University McAfee School of Theology.

June L. Huff was born in Chicago, Illinois and moved to Atlanta at the age of 6. She became a believer at the age of 12. June was educated through the Atlanta Public School System and matriculated at DeKalb Community College. She has worked as Shabbat Class Coordinator, Co-Leader of Crown Financial Ministry, Co-Leader of Torah Class, Greeter, Women Ministry, Leadership Team, Social and Event Planner. June’s passion is working with children and teaching them about the Word of Adonai.

Kenneth and June have been married over 26 years and have reared four children and five grandchildren. They are grateful and humbly thankful to Adonai for Congregation Beth Adonai where Jews and Gentile worship together one in Messiah.