These testimonies are the various pathways that brought people to Beth Adonai
and how returning to their roots has changed their lives.


When I was 21 years old I sat under a Jewish believer who taught on the book of Isaiah. His understanding of God’s word was so rich in the culture and traditions of its time.  I left there that night desiring to sit under this kind of teaching.  I wondered where would I find it?  For years I would tell people about this experience.  Many years later a friend asked me to go to a Messianic Congregation that was having a concert.  I had no idea what a Messianic Congregation was.  I figured it was just for the Jewish people.  I went to the concert and witnessed worship like I had never seen before.  They danced and worshiped all evening.  At the end of the night I could not stand it any longer and I had to join in on the dancing.  It was refreshing to see so many people full of praise and worshiping from the top of their heads to the bottom of their feet.  It was beautiful.  Weeks after the concert I started attending Congregation Beth Adonai.   After much study and prayer it became obvious to me and I felt that the following of the Torah had been left out by the church. In studying God’s word I have seen that we have followed man’s plan instead of God’s.  Whereby He has commanded us to worship on Shabbat (Exodus 31:12 and Deut 5:12) , eat clean food (Lev. 11:1-47) and follow the holiday festivals (Zech. 14:27).  He told us over and over again that these traditions would be passed down from generation to generation.

At Beth Adonai I am learning more about the olive tree I have been grafted into, as a gentile believer.  I have been grafted into this olive tree for a long time but I never knew much about it. Now that I am with the Jewish people my eyes are seeing and ears are hearing insights into God’s word that are overwhelming my spirit into tears, amazement, an awe at His great love for me.  God has always been telling me He loves me, but now it is being revealed to me that He is shouting His great love for me from the mountain tops and through the valleys!  It is because I am learning His word through the Hebrew culture and traditions. The deeper I go the richer I am becoming, in my view of God’s word.  The roots of my faith are growing stronger and this insight into God’s word is drawing me into a deeper relationship with Yeshua (Jesus).  I feel completed in following the Torah to Revelation as Yeshua did on earth (Matt 5:17).  I have eaten from many tables in studying God’s word and this is by far, the richest table I have ever eaten from.    –

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My journey with Adonai started many years ago.  The first half of my life was very rebellious, in fact during my most sinful time God gave me a dream that seemed to be about the last days.  I was puzzled on why I should even have such a dream.  It seemed to be so vivid and was stuck in my head. That was my first dream in 1972.  As time went on the Lord kept drawing me to Him.   I tried many churches, and had an up and down relationship with Adonai, but He still spoke to me with last day dreams that I really didn’t understand at the time.  I finally settled down in a congregation that established my foundation.

Adonai  has given me a heart for the poor and needy.  Fifteen years ago He blessed me with a husband who felt the same. We both went on mission trips to other countries and thought eventually we would do this full-time.  In 2002 the Lord showed me the mission field was right here in my own backyard.  I started Grace & Glory Garden, a ministry for abandoned, abused, and displaced women and children.  In 2006, it came to an abrupt halt when we discovered my husband had cancer.  He fought courageously for six months but died in my arms on the 4th of July. While my heart and spirit was broken the Lord led me to Beth Adonai through an old friend.   She was very insistent about going because the Lord had prompted her to ask me.  I was just going for a visit and after getting there the Lord brought an old dream to my remembrance.  The rectangular brown brick building flashed me back to my dream.  In my dream I saw a brown brick building in the middle of a wheat field, that ended up being a place of worship.  In my dream I walked in, went up to the altar and placed my hands on a colorful tubular object.  When I laid my hands on it, water gushed out all over me and I began to give a last days prophecy.   I never knew what that object  was.  That day when they brought the Torah out at Beth Adonai, I  was astonished and overwhelmed with the realization that the object in my dream was the Torah!  I shared the details of my dream with my friend and she insisted that I share it with the Rabbi and his wife.  He also told me that the theme of Beth Adonai  was the wheat field.

My home church was very supportive during my husband’s illness and after his death.  So I decided I would go to Beth Adonai on Shabbat, and my home church on Sunday.  It didn’t last very long because I felt very conflicted and drained.  I prayed for discernment on what to do.  It felt like I was being disloyal to my home church. The Lord spoke to me and said, are you there for your friends or me?  When I went to Beth Adonai I felt renewed by the old Messianic teachings.  It seemed like my eyes were being open to a deeper walk with the Lord.  As I began to learn the old ways my heart filled with joy.  It felt like I was being completed.  One day as I was going downstairs for Oneg it hit me that this is where the Lord wanted me to be.  In one years’ time I cared for three dying people, my husband, and two widows.  The Lord reminded me that it was their last days.  Then it hit me last days, last days, last days!  When the Lord tries to get our attention He does it in threes.  This is your last days ministry, this is where I want you to be.  So between my dream and the confirmations that the Lord has put in my heart, this is the place where I will serve.   Blessed and restored for such a time as this!