What is Davidic Worship and Praise?


What is Davidic Worship and Praise?


General worship and praise is the overall action of man coming to God to exalt Him, to pay respect to Him, and to esteem Him (Ps. 66:4, 95:6, 22:3). “Davidic Worship and Praise” goes back to the style, principles, guidelines and pattern that King David was shown by the Lord (II Chr. 28:11-13) and that he established in the Temple nearly 3,000 years ago.

As King David taught from the Scriptures, this type of praise and worship involves numerous musical instruments, singing, Hebraic music, psalms, lifting up of hands, chanting, clapping of hands, processions and is also characterized by great joy. Probably, the most unusual characteristic of “Davidic Worship and Praise” is dancing to the Lord. This is not dancing in a secular sense. While Messianic dancing uses a
strong Israeli-Hebraic style, it is dancing unto the Lord in praise and worship as King David did and taught (II Sam. 6:14).

“Davidic Worship and Praise” is one of the great distinguishing traits of the Messianic Movement. It is a return to our Jewish roots in praising God and it is a cultural-spiritual expression of our faith in the Jewish Messiah.